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"Small body, big fist" BOSGAME Box New Experience

Feb 04,2023 | BOSGAME

BOSGAME offers a new option for small form factor computers - the compact, high performance G-Series and U-Series Mini Boxes are now available.

      It's only the size of your hand, but with up to AMD's 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen™ 7 5800U processor, the Mini Box is more powerful than you can imagine. At the same time, the Mini Box has up to 10 I/O ports and great storage expandability.

  What is the performance of such a cool Mini PC? What can it do in the end? Today, small BOS will take you to experience the full range.

Delicate miniature body barely occupies desktop space

 If it is the first time to experience a mini computer, Mini Box will make you wonder "the original computer has been able to do so small".

The box measures 126*112.8*40mm, with a volume of 0.56L. The area is only palm-sized, and the height is a little shorter than a coffee mug, so it's easy to put it in your backpack and carry it around. With a weight of about 940g (including HDD), it is easy to hold in one hand without any pressure.

Silver frosted shell, with rounded rectangular appearance, business model is born. It can be placed in the office, study, living room or company front desk without any obvious sense of incongruity! In order to enhance cooling efficiency, MIni Box has a large cooling grid on top with a new design cooling module to ensure high performance release.

BOSGAME's Mini PC ships with a lockable VESA wall mount bracket, making the installation process simple enough. When mounted on a monitor, the BOX is like an all-in-one machine, truly taking up zero space on the desktop!

10 I/O network data in one hand

The Mini Box is also impressive in its compact size, with a wide range of I/O expansion ports, including USB 3.2 Gen2, full-featured Type-C, HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm audio, 2.4GHz/ 5GHz LAN ports, and all the usual interfaces. Bluetooth 5.2 and 1000Mbps data transmission are also available.

There is always a favorite for multiple platforms

BOSGAME Box is equipped with INTEL 11th generation Core i5 processor 1135G and AMD 5600U and 5800U 3 models. All come standard with 2 x 8GB DDR4 3200MHz memory and Kingston 512GB PCIe Gen4.

Single/Multi-Core Performance Comparison

Test data from Cinebench R23

Single-Core                             Multi-Core

AMD R5 5600U   1363                AMD R5 5600U   7624

AMD R5 4500U   1116                 AMD R5 4500U    5147

I5-1135G7           1343                 I5-1135G7           4331

AMD R7 3750H    889                  AMD R7 3750H   3929

I5-8279U              961                   I5-8279U            3429

AMD R3 3200U    796                   AMD R3 3200U  2099

AMD Radeon Graphics 7 Graphics Core

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS                      112.0 FPS

FORTNITE COMPETITIVE                 109.0 FPS

CS:GO EPS                                        110.0 FPS

grand theft auto  five                        58.0 FPS

DOTA 2                                             140.0 FPS

Flexible combination of dual memory + dual hard drive expansion

Even with a small and compact body, the Mini PC still leaves room for upgrades inside. By unscrewing the four screws from the bottom and separating the top and bottom, you can easily disassemble the Mini Box case, which comes with two 8GB DDR4 3200MHz memory pre-installed from the factory.

The M.2 drive bay supports PCIe 4.0 X4 protocol and is equipped with a heat sink on top, with a 512GB PCIe 4.0 SSD pre-installed from the factory. 2.5-inch SATA drives are supported for SSDs up to 9.5mm thick. For users who have a lot of material to store, the M.2 solid state + 2.5-inch hard drive is a cost-effective storage combination.

The Intel AX201 wireless network card can also be found below the hard drive bay in a removable design. AX201 supports WiFi 6 wireless network and Bluetooth 5.2 protocol. It effectively relieves network congestion while providing high-speed wireless transmission at 1000Mbps.

 BOSGAME Mini PC can completely replace traditional office computers. Based on Intel and AMD processors, you don't need to worry about performance at all, and most mainstream office software can run quickly. At the same time, take advantage of the rich expansion capabilities to enjoy a complete office experience. Of course, the most crucial thing is the compact size, which brings fundamental changes to the arrangement of the office desk.

      If you are used to using a computer with a large screen, but at the same time in pursuit of a computer small enough, smooth enough and convenient enough, then BOSGAME's G series and U series Mini PC can fully meet your needs, you do not need to consider the tedious assembly of DIY ITX computers, and do not have to worry about performance and expansion, pre-installed Widnows11 system, to the hands of the use.


Mar 17,2023
This is a very small mini computer, I am a game enthusiast, I wonder if she can support me to play LOL and other end games it, if so, will be a very good choice, the price is also very real!